2020: Smart Cities, Zettabyte Data and 200 billion things. What’s next?

A TelSoc Special Panel

Wednesday 3 September 2014

According to 2014 IDC estimates, there are already more than 50 billion globally connected sensors that can track, monitor and feed data to computerised systems. IDC foreshadows that by 2020 there will be more than 200 billion sensors generating an estimated 10% of data in what will be a 44 Zettabyte (1021) digital universe. It’s called the Internet of Things. These things will involve millions of applications driving consumer and business behaviour that will support our future smart and sustainable industries, transport, cities, homes and wellbeing. What are these things? How will they be used? How will cities and industry become smarter? What about our privacy and security? Where are the new business opportunities?

This unique panel event of senior executives will discuss the next great digital frontier. With their expert knowledge and experience in big-data, smart cities, advanced broadband networks and smart devices you will have the opportunity to have your questions and the questions above all answered.

This event is proudly supported by EMC.


  • Matthew Zwolenski — CTO Aust-NZ, EMC
  • Colin Fairweather — CIO, City of Melbourne
  • Daniel May — CIO, LIFX
  • Rod Tucker — Laureate Emeritus Professor, CEET, University of Melbourne