Towards a Sustainable Connected World

Public Open Forum: Thursday 20 November 2014

The next disruptive trend arising from ICT technologies will be a societal phase transition as we move to a fully connected world in which a vast number of machines and devices distributed around the planet collect, store, process and exchange information to enhance our daily lives — The Internet of Things. It has been predicted that the number of such devices could be over 100 billion virtually connecting everything to the future Internet. The Internet of Things offers the promise of enormous benefits to human kind and significant contributions to improve our environment through the ubiquitous and intelligent use of information and communication technologies. However to realise this future, some central questions need to be addressed to ensure the Internet of Things itself will be sustainable at such a large scale. This event will look at several foundational issues relating to a connected world.

This forum is part of the 10th GreenTouch Members Meeting being hosted by the Centre for Energy-Efficient Telecommunications and the University of Melbourne from the 17–20 November 2014. The forum will be followed by a networking lunch from 12.30pm to 1.30pm.

The event is proudly co-hosted by GreenTouch.

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Registration & Coffee


Opening & Welcome Remarks (MC) by Rod Tucker, Laureate Emeritus Professor, University of Melbourne and Executive Board Member, GreenTouch, University of Melbourne


An Australian Telecommunication Service provider’s Environmental Strategy by Pauline Gregg, General Manager—Environment, Chief Sustainability Office, Telstra


The Internet of Things for Business by Scott Hirst, Senior Director of Energy and Natural Resources Australia & New Zealand, SAP


IBM, Internet of Things and Big Data by Arun Vishwanath, Research Scientist, IBM Research-Australia




Wireless Innovations for a Future Connected World by Ulrich Barth, Head of Smart Wireless Networks, Bell Labs


Data Storage Energy Efficiency in the Zettabyte Era by Peter Hormann, Honorary Fellow, Centre for Energy-Efficient Telecommunications (CEET)


Key Challenges in Creating a Sustainable Networked Internet of Everything by Thierry Klein, Technical Committee Chairman, GreenTouch consortium


Networking Lunch