Towards a green internet

Do we need new power stations to support future broadband use?

3 October 2011

We have all become dependent on the Internet. Today the Internet consumes about 1% of the world’s electricity supply, which is equivalent to the total electricity generating capacity in Australia. The quantity of data per user is growing at around 40% per annum.

With this rapid growth, the energy consumption of the Internet could increase to 5-10% of the world’s electricity supply by the year 2020. The challenge will be to increase energy efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

Current networks are designed for performance and speed rather than energy efficiency. The question needs to be asked: is our insatiable appetite for broadband consuming too much energy?

Academics and industry leaders will join together to explore the topic and offer solutions to prepare for a more sustainable green Internet.


Shane Huntington, 3RRR Broadcaster Science Radio


Marcus Weldon, Global Chief Technology Officer for Alcatel-Lucent

Mike Sandiford, Director of the Melbourne Energy Institute (MEI)

Rod Tucker, Director of the Centre for Energy-Efficient Telecommunications (CEET)

Sundeep Khisty, Green Practice Leader at Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Services Asia Pacific Japan


Free Public Lecture: Towards a Green Internet


6.00 – 7.00 pm Monday 3 October 2011


The Spot, Basement Theatre, 198 Berkeley Street, Building 110, University of Melbourne